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Tree removal is important to ensure a safe and healthy environment for your home and community. Thus, reliable, safe and professional tree removal services are in great demand especially in property development, renovations, risk mitigation down to environmental preservation.

Trees can become dangerous and obstructive in various ways. In fact, storms are the most common reasons for damage and falling trees. Although a lot of people become conscious about their trees’ condition after a storm, it is important to have a proactive approach in safeguarding your home. Age, disease, damage and neglect are some of the factors that lead to the deterioration of a healthy tree and the need for tree removal.

Additionally, healthy trees can also cause stress and headaches for homeowners. The root of a tree can grow up to 12 times more than the length of its branches which often leads to a whole lot of problems for your property such as cracked walls or busted pipes.

Tree removal is often a difficult choice that needs to be done when there is no other alternative.

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Our Tree Removal Process

Tree removal is such a difficult choice that needs to be done when there is no other alternative. It is something that needs to be done properly and by professionals. Thus, our removal process is adaptable to suit your needs.

For removal of large mature trees, we use a team of four people and usually take 1-2 hours to remove from the property. We believe in taking the time to thoroughly explain what we do and how we do it.

Generally, tree removal is done with the following processes:


There are trees that are protected by state or council regulations. So, prior to visiting for a quote, we check if a Vegetation Protection Order covers your property and plan out options for you if the tree is protected.


Our Arborist will visit you onsite to give you a free quotation for your tree removal and an estimate of the time needed to conduct the removal.


Before we start with the job, our team will inspect the tree, plan the work and communicate with you on what will be done.


Our arborist will climb your tree to dismantle it using a chainsaw, with a ground crew that ensures safe transport of tree sections to the ground.


All tree sections will go through our chipping and mulching machine which turns it into a useful mulch. You can decide to keep the mulch if you’d like.


We will clean up the area until it is better than the condition we have started. We will sweep your paths and roadway so you’d hardly notice our presence.

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