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Reliable Tree Care’s team of tree specialists are experts in all aspects of tree trimming. We carry out all the work to the highest industry standards and ensure to comply with local council guidelines.

Tree trimming is important in trees with obstructive tree branches or sections that pose a serious risk of damage to your home or business.

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Why Trim Trees?

Trees provide numerous benefits for your property. They enhance the landscape and provide privacy to your home or business. Geelong residential and commercial property owners often neglect tree trimming thinking that this service is not important. Allow us to tell you the reasons why you should never skip out on regular tree trimming services


Tree trimming is like a much-needed haircut that enhances a tree’s natural shape. Regularly trimmed trees can grow to look balanced and healthy.

Thinning out limbs and cutting back branches is important in improving your tree’s appearance. It clears out branches that are sprouting in strange directions which make your tree appear bedraggled.Tree trimming is important especially in trees planted to boost a property’s appearance.

Reliable Tree Care’s team of experts can help you with your tree trimming needs, no matter what stage of growth they are at.


Tree trimming is essential in ensuring a tree’s health. Without trimming, trees are susceptible to disease and won’t likely survive.

Trimming for health involves removing overgrowth and other external factors. It keeps trees stronger, healthier and reduces the need for future pruning.


For expert tree trimming services in Geelong and surrounding areas in the greater metropolitan region reach out to Reliable Tree Care. Reliable Tree Care experts can help with:

Formative Trimming

A young tree that is still in its formative stage has a chance to be shaped and controlled as it grows. This is achieved by selectively trimming out branches to ensure that a tree grows to meet your needs and suit your property.

Branch Trimming

Oftentimes, some trees grow too quickly depending on seasonal factors. Once this happens, the number of branches result in increased wind resistance and increase the risk of falling branches which could pose a danger not only to you but to your family, friends and the community as well.

Routine Tree Trimming and Maintenance

Keeping your trees in top condition is achieved by having them trimmed regularly. Regular tree trimming promotes healthy tree growth and has a lower negative impact compared to trimming out large sections at a time.

Our arborists are certified and well-trained to provide high quality tree trimming services so you can benefit from your tree’s health. Our teams arrive on time and are ready to cater to your needs. We offer a full cleanup for all our services, full insurance coverage and reliable tree care specialists that are dedicated in providing the highest quality service.

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